My Story

The inception of ABC123Trader was a vision that I did not expect. Back in 2008,  I was a  business owner. I had a company for 16 years and not only found out my bank manager stole my identity, he stole a few million from the bank. I was destroyed and had to sue the financial institution that hired him. After losing pretty much everything as well as tens of thousands of legal fees and three years of my life, I discerned to start a new career. I went back to school and educated myself in the oil and gas industry; I was set to start my new career. That career lasted pretty much six months due to the oil crash of 2015. When the oil crash happened I just laughed and said I am taking an extended holiday. I sat down and once again discerned what to do to get myself back on track. After serious thought, I gave myself a year and a half to see if I can be a trader. My plan was to daytrade stocks for 4 months, futures for 4 months, and Forex the last 4 months. After endless hours researching all three markets and testing many theories, I almost quit. However, I finally had my a-ha! moment. After back testing many methodologies, I created  Originally, I wasn't going to sell these indicators, but I let a few of my trading friends use my indicators to guide them in trading. What I realized after the 3 years is I have created some very powerful indicators.

My Goal

My goal now is to assist traders in pinpointing entries and exits.  I wanted to create an indicator for someone who may be retired and doesn't have a healthy retirement, or maybe got destroyed from fraud and needs to make one or two hundred dollars a day. For a retired person making 20 to 40 thousand dollars per year, it can help them stay afloat. Remember, not all people can be traders, but if your personality can fit the trading realm there is a huge opportunity for a better financial lifestyle. 

Indicator Price Point

You might ask why the investor pack is $2999.00. Originally, I was going to sell my indicators individually, but when I was designing this site, and also agreements with third parties, I was not allowed to have individual indicators on my shopping cart and HAD to sell packages. YOU CAN BUY INDIVIDUAL INDICATORS IF YOU LIKE. Just email us and we can create a custom pack for you. The swing pack, fib pack scanner pack is designed for different methodologies.  

The Future

My future plans will be having an online room with GoToMeeting, but at this time I am looking for trustworthy, qualified teachers within the trading realm. I want professionalism and I want you to have the best experience using ABC123Trader indicators. 

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