Trend Cloud

The Trend is your friend until the end as the saying goes. The Trend cloud is designed to keep you out of a bad trade. The Trend Cloud allows you to pin point you entry and exits. The system is simple and yet effective. For conservative traders trade above the trend cloud or trade below the trend cloud. To be safe don’t trade in the cloud. The colored bars allows the user to see when the trend is strong, it displays re-entry bars and early entry positioning. 

Fib Target Indicator

The Fib Target is a trend Fibonacci retracement indicator. The Fib Target indicator calculates the fib 50 and 61.8 level then projects the 127 and 161 for targets. If you are a 50 EMA, 120, 200 EMA trader and a 5 swing, you can customize the type of chart you want the fib target indicator to analyze. Stop guessing and let this tool work for you. Futures and Fibonacci are my friends using this indicator.

Swing Scanner

Swing Scanner is the newest weapon in the ABC123Traders indicators arsenal. This is a swing trader’s secret weapon in deciding on which side of the trade to go on. This data mining tool scans and projects swing events. For intraday traders, you can use this tool for focusing on certain types of trending trades. When the triangle is pointing down focus on down trend trades and when the triangle is pointing up, look for the longs. With ABC123Trader you can pinpoint your trade and minimize risk. 

ABC123TRADER Indicators for cryptocurrency, Forex, Stocks and Futures.

 The Base Line indicator is a simple indicator that uses multi time frame analysis. Its main goal is to use a multi time frame algorithm to pinpoint entry and exit points. There are two multi time frame lines. The main line is used for entry and exit points and the second line, if used, is for scalping purposes. This indicator is used SOLELY ON TIME FRAME CHARTS. NON TIME FRAME CHARTS CAN NOT USE THIS INDICATOR.

Time Scanner

The Time Scanner is data mining software that analyzes past market performance and projects future events. The Time Scanner uses 4 different algorithms and multi time frame analysis to pinpoint entry points. The time scanner will plot areas of interest for long and short trades. This is a flagship indicator for intraday traders. This indicator can be used on time and non-time charts. 

Multi Swing Indicator


The MultiSwing Indicator is an intraday day traders dream come true. The MultiSwing Indicator analyzes a number of different time frames. If more than one chart confirms the swing point at the same time, the line will increase in time. Imagine looking at a 1 minute, 5 minute, 60 minute chart to see if all these charts swing patterns are the same. Let the MultiSwing do all the work for you to find the support and resistance lines. It doesn't matter if you are a Forex trader, a futures trader or

Market Scanner

The Market Scanner is a powerful data mining tool that looks at previous history and projects historical performance in the future. This tool is very effective when the big move starts. You can analyze and correlate if the market is behaving the way it did before. The red bars show historical events and the blue bars are how the current market is reacting. There are time stamps when the market was peaking at certain times of the day. This tool has been tested extensively in the Futures market.

ABC123 Super Trend Indicator Introduction

This is quick sample of some of the indicators available at ABC123Trader that can be used in Cryptocurrency, futures, Forex, and stocks.



The BuySellActivator is a powerful tool that compares two futures and calculates the direction of the trend. This simple but effective tool allows the user to pinpoint entry and exit points. This indicator also can use the BuySellActivator for strengthening and weakening of trends. To use this indicator when the BuySellActivator crosses the zero line enter your trade and vice versa for exiting the trade. 

Fib Predictor

The Fib Predictor is a simple yet an extremely powerful tool for analyzing support and resistance levels The Fib predictor analyzes overnight activity and sets up the chart before the New York trading session. If you are tired of trying to guess when the trend will end, this tool is an extremely powerful tool in your arsenal. I love knowing when the futures market is exhausting. This indicator helps a trader stop guessing during normal market conditions.

Level 2 Scanner

The Level 2 Scanner is a tick by tick analysis tool. This tool sniffs out where the stop targets and/or limit orders are placed. The fib target displays the number of contracts available. You can look for 1 contract or 100 contracts according to your needs. This indicator is a MUST in the futures, Forex, and cryptocurrency markets.

Trend Changer

The Trend Changer is a complementary tool that signals a possible increase of movement. This indicator works well with the trend cloud and Super Trend Indicator. If you are on the right side of the trend, this indicator can show when the big move will happen. Use the trend change arrows with the trend. During volatile moves in Forex and cryptocurrency this little secret weapon allows you to sniff out the potential opportunity that is about to form.

Trend Tracker


The Trend Tracker Indicators help you to pinpoint your entry and get in the trade. The trend tracker also helps you with risk management. This simple but very effective strategy allows the user to adjust the Trend line according to your needs. The color coded bars allow you to see if you are on the right side of the trend. There is a tick by tick first retracement indicator that allows you to get back into the trade. Wouldn't that help for investors that trade futures?

Swing Indicator

The swing tool is a swing traders dream come true. This indicator allows the user to adjust the swing. This indicator displays price levels and trend lines. When an uptrend of a swing is forming, the swing lines display one color and another color for the down swing. You can turn the swing lines and prices off and on if needed. The swing is one of the main foundations for futures, Forex, stocks and cryptocurrency traders.

Square 9 Calculator


The Square 9 indicator uses the mathematics of the square 9 calculator. If you are a fan of intraday trading use the square 9. The mathematics is done for you.

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