Market Analysis

Additional Information

The Trend Cloud was designed to stay in the right direction of the trend. The key in using this indicator is to buy above the foundation line (Gold Line)  and trade above the cloud. In a sell order, sell only below the foundation line and below the cloud. All parameters are adjustable. There are four colors identifying the state of the market. The yellow bars have an early entry entry for aggressive traders. when the bar turns yellow AND crosses the foundation line, a buy or sell opportunity depending on the direction is signaled.  The red bars indicate that the bars are totally engulfed in the cloud and the white candles indicate entering or exiting the cloud. The green candle indicates the strength of the trend. The pink candle indicates a possible re entry (an area of interest to enter the the trade). The best entry points are located is transition line in the cloud. When the cloud is increasing in size placing a limit order will usually give the best results in risk versus reward money management. It doesn't matter if you are a futures trader, a forex trader or a cryptocurreny trader, the trend cloud is a real gem.